Tekla Structures Presentation on the Central Park Tower Project

Follow the below link to the Tekla Structures White Papers and presentation on the Central Park Tower Project.


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Poly Brick Press Release

The latest Press Release from Metro Cast. POLY BRICK

Follow the below link to the Westland Observer.


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Poly Brick

The Story Behind Poly-Brick

Metro Cast has combined its unique Architectural Precast Polymer Concrete with thin brick to produce the first of its kind “Poly-Brick” a 6 brick sheet weighing less then 9 lbs. that attaches with 4 non-corrosive screws to Poured Concrete, Concrete Block and Stud walls, interior or exterior. Each sheet interlocks with the other and is completely water resistant. Poly-Brick is everyone’s answer to today’s “Do It Yourself” market. Poly-Brick will bring cost effective Architectural solutions to homeowners, contractors, architects and designers by creating the classic charm of brick with a stronger than mortar joint that offers ease of installation without the mess. Poly-Brick allows you to put both your time and money to better use.

Technical Information

1. Poly-Brick is a product based on 5/8” thin brick embedded in Polymer Concrete forming a sheet 2 5/8”x48” approximately 1 sq. ft.

2. Corner pieces, Caps shorter sheets are available

3. For installation use non-corrosive screws

4. Poly-Brick sheets can be cut to fit at the worksite

5. Water absorption less than 1%

6. Poly-Brick has an excellent freeze/thaw performance rating

7. 48” sheet weighs less then 9 lbs.

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Precast Polymer Concrete Panels

After more than 50 years of growth in the precast arena, Architectural polymer concrete has at last come of age.  It is no longer a “substitute” for cementations precast, but because of its outstanding innate properties it is now specified and used in all types of building structures.  The Architects discovered again the beauty and strength of this product as well as the longevity and savings.

Three Categories can summarize this acceptance:

PRICE: When the Architect requires it, and value engineering warrants its use, instead of alternate materials such as Precast Concrete, Stone or Masonry, Polymer Concrete is specified. The Lightweight of the product allows for speedy installation and a competitive price.

QUALITY: Metro Cast Products intricate nature is superior when compared to other “alternative” materials. It is light in weight and does not depend on mass for high strength. The finishes and/or textures are almost unlimited, as are its color choices.

ENDURANCE: By being monolithically cast with an impervious binder, building components can withstand weather variations, have little or no moisture penetration and resist chemical attack.

The “test of time” has borne five decades of successful experience, the legitimacy of this contemporary material.

Because of its versatility, it is now used as popular material to create artistically designed facades.

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