The newest product from Metro Cast Corporation

Metro Cast has combined its unique architectural Polymer Concrete with real fired clay thin brick to produce the first of its kind “Poly-Brick”, a 6 brick sheet weighing less than 9lbs. that attaches with 4 non-corrosive screws to Concrete, Concrete Block, and Wood walls, interior or exterior.

Each sheet interlocks with the other and is completely water resistant. Poly-Brick is everyone’s answer to today’s “Do It Yourself” market.

Poly-Brick will bring cost effective architectural solutions to homeowners, contractors, architects, and designers by creating the classic charm of brick with a stronger than mortar joint that offers ease of installation without the mess, all allowing you to put both your time and money to better use.

What is Poly-Brick?

  • Poly-Brick is the newest product designed through polymer technology by creating a state of the art brick and polymer panel (sheet)
  • The panel (sheet) contains 6 real ⅝” thick fired clay brick embedded in polymer concrete forming a sheet 2 ⅝ ” x 48 ¼” covering approx. one square foot.
  • The sheet weight is less than 9lb. and once sealed create an air and water tight wall, an energy saving envelope around the building.
  • Poly-Brick can be installed over wood walls, concrete or concrete block walls, or any other secure surface, exterior or interior.
  • The brick comes in 8 possible color selections and for the polymer joints, you have 4 colors to choose from. This gives the customer a hand laid brick masonry appearance at a fraction of the cost.
  • Poly-Brick’s water absorption is less than 1%, so it has an excellent freeze/thaw performance rating.
  • Poly-Brick can be used for residential homes, commercial projects, new construction, or renovations (exterior or interior).

Poly-Brick Advantages

  • A complete “Do It Yourself ” product
  • Simple and speedy installation, 2 men can easily install 150-180 sheets per 8 hour day.
  • Poly-Brick allows installation time to be greatly reduced, offering savings in labor and time.
  • The application of Poly-Brick can be done year around.
  • Poly-Brick is weather resistant, impervious to moisture.
  • No mortar, no mess, no mold, no bugs.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Poly-Brick will seal the envelope around the building saving the heating and cooling energy costs.
  • Reusable. Poly-Brick removes just as easily as it installs. Just remove the screws and install in another location.
  • Increase your property value. Poly-Brick gives your structure a classic brick finish at a fraction of the cost.
  • Custom colors and brick joints are available.
  • Poly-Brick is the most economical and efficient way to add brick to any structure.