The Story Behind Poly-Brick

Metro Cast has combined its unique Architectural Precast Polymer Concrete with thin brick to produce the first of its kind “Poly-Brick” a 6 brick sheet weighing less then 9 lbs. that attaches with 4 non-corrosive screws to Poured Concrete, Concrete Block and Stud walls, interior or exterior. Each sheet interlocks with the other and is completely water resistant. Poly-Brick is everyone’s answer to today’s “Do It Yourself” market. Poly-Brick will bring cost effective Architectural solutions to homeowners, contractors, architects and designers by creating the classic charm of brick with a stronger than mortar joint that offers ease of installation without the mess. Poly-Brick allows you to put both your time and money to better use.

Technical Information

1. Poly-Brick is a product based on 5/8” thin brick embedded in Polymer Concrete forming a sheet 2 5/8”x48” approximately 1 sq. ft.

2. Corner pieces, Caps shorter sheets are available

3. For installation use non-corrosive screws

4. Poly-Brick sheets can be cut to fit at the worksite

5. Water absorption less than 1%

6. Poly-Brick has an excellent freeze/thaw performance rating

7. 48” sheet weighs less then 9 lbs.

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