Polymer Concrete

METRO CAST Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Concrete Panels (GFRPC)are custom fabricated in a wide range of sizes, thickness, textures, colors and contours to meet specific architectural requirements. The following types of panels are available:

Veneer Fascia PanelsVeneer Fascia Panels are installed in the field over sound masonry, concrete walls, metal stud walls, or wood framing of a new or existing building, using cast in anchors of through panel fasteners. Veneer Fascia Panels can be cast with monolithic returns and in an almost limitless variety of shapes, sizes and colors to meet specific aesthetic requirements. These panels can duplicate the appearance of granite, concrete or limestone while creating components with greater resistance to dirt and water penetration, impact and deterioration by chemical pollutants.

Composite PanelComposite Panels are prefabricated using 14 or 16 gauge steel studs combined with the selected facing panel to create a complete assembly for the exterior walls of any building. The desired insulation is field installed in a stud cavity, and the interior finish can be anchored to the stud flange, creating a thinner wall section and more usable floor space. They are anchored directly to structure beams, floor slabs or columns at site. Metro Cast Composite Panels are ideal for fast-track projects. Panel fabrication can proceed while the structural steel is being erected, and the building can then be closed in rapidly economically.

Insulated PanelsInsulated Panels are cast in thickness of 2” to 4” utilizing polyurethane insulation for exceptional energy–saving performance. Since they weigh less than brick or conventional precast concrete components, Metro Cast Insulated Panels eliminate costly design dead load. They are manufactured to design specifications in a broad selection of smooth finishes, natural aggregates and sculptured patterns, and with edge details or other special conditions as required to meet framing requirements.


Our METRO CAST organization is the most experienced manufacturer of Precast Polymer Concrete Panels and related exterior component systems in the USA with completed installation dating back over 30 years.

METRO CAST Polymer Concrete Panels offer important advantages over Portland cement units in terms of lighter weight, lower cost, easier and faster erection, uniform appearance, and maintenance free performance.

METRO CAST Polymer Concrete Panels are monolithically cast in ¾” to 4” thickness to meet specific project requirements. An extremely wide range of smooth and textured patterns are available to create economical decorative components similar to more expensive granite, limestone, tile, and precast concrete facings.

Fabricated as veneer panels or as composite components with 4” or 6” welded stud framing, Metro Cast polymer concrete offers the following important advantages.

1. Light weight to minimize dead load. METRO CAST composite units including 6” – 16 gauge welded stud framing weigh about 14 lb/sqft, compared to 75 lb/sqft for 6” thick architectural precast, creating a fivefold reduction in dead load.

2. High insulating capability. METRO CAST composite units using 6” stud cavity filled with fiberglass insulation can develop an “R” value of 24 to meet high energy efficiency requirements. (After insulation is in place the stud flange can be used to anchor the interior finish system, resulting in added savings).

3. Rapid erection. The ease of handling and installing light weight METRO CAST units permits quick closing-in and completion of any building project on a “fast track schedule”. We can deliver up to 2,000 sqft of panels on one flat bed truck.

4. Design versatility. METRO CAST precast polymer units can create contours, reveals and features in a wide range of colors and finishes. Composite panels with stud framing can be fabricated in large unit sizes, eliminating unneeded joints that can deteriorate and permit water penetration.

5. Durability. METRO CAST Polymer Concrete is four (4) times stronger than Portland cement concrete in both compressive and tensile strength. It’s extremely high density resists dirt, water penetration, staining, and discoloration.

6. Economy. With its reduced dead load, thinner, more energy efficient total wall, and its rapid erection capability, METRO CAST generates major cost savings, increases usable floor space, and creates a true value engineered, cost effective wall system.


Composition Polymer Concrete with Fiberglass Reinforcement Total Prefab Component Veneer on Steel Stud Frame (3⅝”,4” or 6”) Panels with Polyurethane Core
Overall Thickness ¾ to 1” 5” to 7” 2” to 4”
Weight (lbs.s.f) 7 to 10 lbs. 10 to 13 lbs. 18 to 26 lbs.
Maximum Size 8’ x 10’ 8’ x 20’ 8’ x 20’
Available Finishes Wide range of smooth, textured and aggregate finishes
Water Absorption Less than .1% absorption
Tensile Strength 1,000 – 2,000 p.s.i.
Compressive Strength 10,000 – 12,000 p.s.i.
Flame Spread ASTM-E84 Class A Rating
Combustibility ASTM-E36 Noncombustible Rating
Coefficient Expansion 12.5 x 10-6 inches /F°
Anchorage to Structure Attachment Details as Recommended by Metro Cast


Panel Features

All METRO CAST panels can be precast with monolithic corners, integral soffit returns, reveals, curves, ribs, or other special contours to meet specific architectural design requirements.

A wide range of colors and decorative effects including precast concrete, exposed aggregate, limestone, sand or textured finishes, brick and molded patterns are readily available.