Central Park Tower

1625 Broadway Suit 400
Denver, CO 80202


Structural Consultants, Inc.                                                                                      3400 East Bayaud Ave., Suite #300                                                                            Denver, CO 80209

Weitz Construction
4725 S. Monaco St. Suite 100
Denver, CO 80237

Project Manager: Dennis Wanamaker

This 11 Story building approx. 305,000 sqft.(floor plan)  was designed with structural steel, covered with Precast Polymer Concrete Panels, supported by 6” steel stud frames.

žThe facade has a buff limestone finish cladding panels and column covers, black limestone finish cladding panels and column covers, and gray limestone finish panels. The large size of the cladding panels (7’-0”x27’-0”, 4’-6”x30’-0”) were designed for a faster installation with a substantial reduction of linear feet of joints.

The Architect designed the panels with horizontal false joints ¼”x ½” at buff color and ¼” x 1” at the black panels.  The buff panels also had 3”x5” horizontal and vertical ribs that extend out from the face Panels.

žThe envelope consists of 520 pcs. and over 52,000 sqft. of Architectural Precast Polymer Concrete Panels.

Full Gospel Church


He Gin Lee Architects

34-16 149th Street


NY 11354

The Owner

žThe Church was built as an additional building between two existing buildings. Metro Cast Precast Polymer Concrete Panels over 6”-16 GA steel stud frames (composite system) were used (large size).

žThe South Elevation panels were designed with 2” protrusions, sills, and horizontal false joints with a Sandblasted Finish. The West Elevation-left and right of the Cross Tower –are large panels (8’-0”x17’-0”) with Exposed Aggregate.

North Elevation consists of Precast Polymer Concrete Panels, sand finish face. East Elevation has Wall panels at Main Entry with top cornices. Also inside, Metro Cast Precast Polymer Concrete Panels cover the entire wall at the elevator doors.

žThe fabrication time (approx. 22,000 sqft) -14 weeks. With Metro Cast Precast Polymer Composite System the installation started in July and the Grand Opening was on December 23, 2005.